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Scuba Diving

Warm, crystal clear sea and gentle currents, combined with an abundance of natural and man-made dive sites, makes Cyprus a perfect place to experience the thrill of scuba diving.

Dive schools are located in each of Cyprus’ coastal resorts where you’ll find a variety of interesting dive sites suitable for all levels of experience and tastes, from sea caves and fish reserves, to wrecks and undersea islands, all within easy reach of your holiday base. The ideal time to dive in Cyprus is between May to October when water temperatures reach around 27°C, although diving in a dry suit can extend the season for those divers of a hardier disposition.

Archaeologists are still locating the remains of ancient cargo vessels and battleships lost at sea thousands of years ago, while many of the island’s modern-day wrecks offer unique experiences for recreational divers. The greatest attraction for experienced divers is the wreck of the Zenobia, a Swedish built, 10,000 tonne ferry which sank off the coast of Cyprus during its maiden voyage in June 1980.  Since then, the Zenobia has become a captivating playground for wreck diving enthusiasts from all over the world. With so much to discover it’s not surprising that divers return time and time again to re-explore this fascinating maritime relic.  
The diving industry relies on its ability to offer a healthy and sustainable aquatic environment to attract dive tourists. In recent years Cyprus has begun creating man-made reefs to add variety to existing dive sites, and to help preserve the 260 recorded fish species found off the island’s coast.

An artificial reef has already been created within a 110 hectare ‘Sea Park’ off the Limassol coast for the purposes of marine ecology research. Consisting of two structures composed of purpose-designed concrete blocks placed at depths of 10 - 33m, the reef provides food and shelter for small fish species which in turn attract larger marine predators. Fishing is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of the reef, located close to the submerged remains of the ancient port of Amathus. Over time, scuba divers will be able to explore a thrilling underwater sea grass meadow supporting a host of marine life, including pinna nobilis molluscs and rare sea horses, Mediterranean parrot fish, rainbow wrasse and sea bream.

The Sea Park is Cyprus’ second artificial reef project and follows the sinking of a de-commissioned cargo ship off the coast of Protaras in 2009. A school of tuna has already been spotted in the vicinity of the wreck, a sign that the reefs will be effective in re-establishing the island’s marine species. 

These developments present a wealth of new experiences, at the same time ensuring that Cyprus’ precious undersea world will continue to cast its captivating spell on divers in the future.


Scuba diving schools can be found in all of the island’s coastal resorts and most are affiliated to the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) enabling divers to gain globally recognised credentials.  

Novices can begin with an introductory ‘try dive’ in a hotel swimming pool to get a taste of the sport before committing to a full course. For a more realistic experience, a half day PADI ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course covers all the basic skills before experiencing an ‘open-water’ dive in the sea, which may also count towards a Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver qualification for those who want to progress further. 

PADI courses can be taken over a number of days to give divers an opportunity to relax and enjoy other activities during their stay in Cyprus.  PADI’s eLearning system even enables divers to study diving theory at home, allowing them to get straight down to practical training when they arrive at their resort.

Advanced and speciality diving courses, such as peak performance buoyancy, underwater photography  and wreck diving skills are available to recreational divers already hooked on the sport. Several dive schools in Cyprus offer technical diving training for very experienced divers who wish to dive for longer at far greater depths.


Diving is a great family activity and kids aged eight years and above can get in on the action with a supervised PADI ‘Bubblemaker’ programme. Using scuba equipment designed especially for children, the course offers an hour of fun and games to build confidence in the water.    

For more information about diving in Cyprus, or to find a school, contact the Cyprus Federation of Underwater Activities on (+357) 2275 4647, or visit the PADI website at



Octopus Diving
Shop 5, Potamitis Court, Larnaca-Dhekelia Road, Larnaca
Telephone: (+357) 2464 6571

Nemo Dive Center

8 Themidos Street, Larnaca
Telephone: (+357) 2466 6333
Alpha Divers
Pyla Gardens 2, Larnaca / Dhekelia Road, Larnaca
Telephone: (+357) 2464 7519
Viking Divers
Golden Bay Hotel, Dhekelia Road, Larnaca 
Telephone: (+357) 2464 4676
Zenobia Diving Centre
PO BOX 40843, Larnaca Marina, Larnaca
Telephone: (+357) 2465 6949
Blu View Residence, 132, Piale Pascha, Larnaca
Telephone: (+357) 2462 7469


Lucky Divers
Nissi Beach Hotel, Agia Napa
Telephone: (+357) 2372 4227
Fun Divers
Sunwing Resort, Sandy Bay, Agia Napa
Telephone: (+357) 9988 4793
Olympian Divers
The Dive Centre, Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel, Sandy Bay, Agia Napa
Telephone: (+357) 2372 2404
Happy Divers
Themidos 8, Aglantzia
Telephone: (+357) 9968 9268
Sunfish Divers Ltd
26 Arch. Makarios Avenue, PO Box 30274, Agia Napa
Telephone: (+357) 2372 1300
Triton Dive
Shop 1, Cape Greco Road, Pernera. Paralimni
Telephone: (+357) 9938 8116

Podvodnyi Mir Scuba Diving
(Undersea World Scuba Diving)

37 Kriou Nerou, Bld. N2, Agia Napa
Telephone: (+357) 2372 2282
Absolute Scuba
308 Protaras Avenue, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 2383 3121
I-Dive Tec Rec Centers Plc
Tinou Street 8, Shop 2, Ayia Triada, Protaras, Amochostos
Telephone: (+357) 2382 3636
Divers Unlimited
PO Box 37028, Cape Greco Avenue, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 2383 3660
Taba Diving Centre Limited
Blue Bay Apts, Pernera Beach Hotel, Paralimni, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 2383 2680
Domniki Hotel, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 9954 5650
Herbies Diving Paradise Ltd
Pernera St. 36, Protaras (Pernera)
Telephone: (+357) 2381 4292
Easy Divers
315 Cavo Greco Avenue, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 2383 3662
D.M. Go Dive Cyprus Ltd
352 Protaras, Vraka Building, Cape Greco, Paralimni
Telephone: (+357) 2383 3960
Scandidive Training Centre
Tsidlakis Vryssi Hotel Apts. Flat/Office 4/5, Paralimni, Protaras
Telephone: (+357) 2383 2768


Ninos Diving Centre
181 Christodoulou Hadjipavlou Street, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 2537 2667
Aloha Dive Centre Ltd
Telephone: (+357) 2531 3208
Four Seasons Hotel, Po Box 57222, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 2531 1923
Buddy Divers Ltd
Le Meridien Spa Resort, Old Limassol-Nicosia Road, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 2563 5522
Crest Dive Centre
St Raphael Marina, 4520 Parekklisia, Old Limassol-Nicosia Road, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 2563 4076
Pissouri Bay Divers
Pissouri Bay, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 9653 0761
Kembali Diving Ltd
Kembali 57 Mesologiou Street, Pissouri
Telephone: (+357) 2522 2468


P.W. Marine Divers

Shop 4, Aristo Coral Bay Complex,
Coral Bay, Paphos

Telephone: (+357) 2662 3082
Coral Bay Divers
Aristo Complex 1, Shop 8, Laxion Street 20, Coral Bay, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2662 2980
Cydive - Coral Beach
Coral Beach Hotel, Coral Bay Avenue, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2688 1000
Polis Diving Centre
Kyprianides Building, Shop 5, Agios Nikolaos 1, Polis Chrysochous, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2632 1071
Crystal Marine
Shop 4, Ayios Therissos Complex, Prodromi, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2632 2869
Latchi Watersports Centre
Natura Hotel Site, Polis Chrysochous
Telephone: (+357) 2632 2095
Latchi Watersports Centre
Latchi Harbour, Polis Chrysochous
Telephone: (+357) 2632 2095
Kalliopi Dive College
Shop 5, Basilica Court, 2 Leda Street, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 9960 3743
Latchi Watersports Centre
Anassa Hotel Site, Polis
Telephone: (+357) 2632 2095
Cydive - Elysium
Elysium Hotel, Queen Verenikis Street, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2684 4444
Sea Horse Dive Centre
St. George Hotel, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 9961 1876
Dive Point
Parmenionos Street #4, Kato Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 9957 8345
ABC Dive Ltd
Shop 2, 21 Ikarou Str. Kato Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2681 1818
Abyss Dive Centre
Akamanthos Avenue, Shop 1 & 2, Argaki Village, Chloraka, Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2691 0500
Myrra Court 32-35, 1 Poseidon Avenue, Kato Paphos
Telephone: (+357) 2693 4271


Cyprus has a selection of fascinating wreck dives suitable for newly qualified to advanced divers. Please contact your local dive school for a full list of sites, tours and minimum proficiency required to dive each site.  


The Zenobia

Cyprus’ best-known dive site is rated as one of the world’s top ten wreck dives. The 172m long ferry sank with its entire cargo during its maiden voyage in June 1980 and lies on the seabed at 42 metres at its deepest point and around 18 metres at its shallowest.  The wreck’s famous features include the remains of articulated trucks which still hang from its main deck, and the remnants of cargo scattered across the seabed. Expert divers can penetrate the vessel to explore numerous cabins and storage rooms.  

For those less curious about the Zenobia’s structure, yet passionate about its role as a marine habitat, an abundance of aquatic life can be observed on and around the wreck. Sponge corals grow from the rusted vessel, whilst shoals of barracuda, sea bream, amberjacks and wrasse glide by, often as curious about the interlopers in their world as the divers are about them.  Occasionally, a normally reclusive eel makes an appearance at this incredible display of nature.

More extraordinary, but highly amusing to divers, is the sight of tourists waving enthusiastically through the viewing windows of Larnaca’s famous yellow submarine which cruises around the wreck during the summer season.

Most dive schools offer half day diving excursions to the Zenobia, boarding the Queen Zenobia at Larnaca for a fifteen minute ride to the dive site.  From Paphos or Limassol packages usually include a diving guide, equipment, hotel transfers, two dives and a delicious buffet lunch on board.  A non-diving package is available for companions who prefer to snorkel or relax on board to enjoy the sunshine.

HMS Cricket

The Royal Navy gun boat was bombed off the coast of Africa in 1941, stripped in Alexandria and sunk by RAF pilots during target training in 1944. Lying in 30m of water, the wreck can be penetrated and explored by experienced divers. 

Helicopter Wreck

This unusual 16m dive features the wreck of a British helicopter sunk in 1996.


Pharses II

The twin-hatched cargo ship lies at a depth of 21m close to Limassol harbour. Since its accidental sinking thirty years ago it has become home to an abundance of marine life.

The Three Stars

Lying at a depth of 7m off Akrotiri Bay, the interior of this wreck can be explored by qualified open water divers.

M/Y Diana

Resting upright on the seabed at 21m, this ill-fated yacht is popular for night dives and photography, and features its own resident moray eel.     


Vera K
Lying in four sections and home to a giant grouper fish nicknamed ‘Big George,’ the Lebanese freighter lies close to two natural archways at 11m depth, 25 minutes from Paphos

White Star
The old fishing vessel sank three years ago on her way to Limassol scrap yard and is coming back to life as a living reef close to Paphos harbour. 

According to local legend this Greek ship ‘mysteriously’ exploded before sinking close to the coast in 1975. Lying upside down in just 12m of water the wreck features a large bronze propeller, sea sponges, moray and grouper fish


The Liberty

The 37m long Russian cargo vessel lies a kilometre off Cyprus’ eastern coast at Protaras and is the first of the island’s artificial reef projects. The Cyprus’ Fisheries Department is expected to give the go-ahead for diving on the wreck in the near future. 

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