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It’s not a sport for the faint hearted but those brave enough to challenge the power of the elements can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of kitesurfing here on the beautiful Cyprus coast.

Cyprus’ kitesurfing community is relatively small, comprising around 200 regular kite surfers, a fraction compared to the number fighting for elbow room in the sport’s regular European hot spots. Combining the luxury of space with a choice of wide, open beaches, warm climate and customary south westerly winds throughout the summer, Cyprus is the perfect place for those keen to learn or hone their kite surfing skills in idyllic surroundings.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, kitesurfing uses power kites, such as parafoil and leading edge inflatable designs, to manipulate wind power and traction to propel the surfer over the water. A variety of boards and kites have been adapted for use in different wind conditions and according to the surfer’s preferred riding style, varying from ‘big air’ jumps associated with ‘freestyle,’ to ‘wake style’ or simply going with the flow ‘cruising’ style. Power kites can also be used on land, enabling the rider to alternate between sports simply by substituting the kiteboard with anything from an all-terrain mountain or snowboard, to a kite buggy, facilitating maximum board time in all-weather conditions.

Beginners should undertake professional training before attempting to use the equipment alone. Several water sports schools in Cyprus offer kite surfing lessons along with equipment hire for experienced surfers, in locations convenient to each of the island’s major tourist resorts.


Year-round for experienced kitesurfers
April to the end of October for beginners

Potima, Geroskipou and Argaka (intermediate)
Helios Bay (expert)
Paramali (beginner / intermediate)
Avdimou and Ladies Mile (intermediate / expert)
Curium (expert)
Faras (beginner / intermediate)
Protaras and Shipwreck (expert)


Kitesurfing schools and equipment stores are located all over Cyprus. A good beginner’s course will cover all the fundamentals of kiting and most will involve around 9 hours of instruction over several days, costing between €300 and €400. Refresher courses are recommended for non-active kitesurfers, while personal training can help to develop more advanced kitesurfing skills.

Some Cyprus schools are affiliated to the International Kiteboarding Organisation, (IKO); however, this is not a pre-requisite as several of the longest established schools offer their own qualifications to the same standard. For safety reasons beginners should be competent open water swimmers and, while it is possible for younger children to learn the sport, many schools do recommend that students are aged 12 and over. Students under 18 will need the permission of a parent or guardian before they can enrol.   

Experienced kite surfers can hire equipment on the island but may be required to demonstrate competency and safety awareness to the school’s instructors before heading off to the beach.     

Getting started

Experts agree on a few basic rules to follow when starting out in kitesurfing, so be warned:
  • Get lessons from an instructor – professional guidance is the only way to reduce physical risk when trying this sport for the first time. A qualified instructor will help beginners to gain the confidence and skills to go solo
  • Check your equipment - each and every time you use it
  • Take a ‘buddy’ - launching can be dangerous and even the most experienced kiters take a ‘buddy’ with them or make sure other kiters are nearby in case they need help. Minimise the length of time spent on shore with the kite in the air, or use a quick release system to get you out of potential trouble
  • Check weather and wind conditions before launching - never launch into direct onshore or offshore winds and always be aware of changing weather conditions
  • Check the area and ask the locals – when kiting in an area for the first time look out for potential hazards like power lines and fixed objects such as piers and groynes. Never jump in shallow water or close to hard impact structures. Ask other kite surfers or locals about any restrictions or specific risks in the area
  • Safety – have courtesy for other beach users (including wildlife) – stay outside of marked swimming areas, observe the kite surfing ‘right of way’ rules and always be prepared to help out your fellow kiters when needed
  • Try before you buy – the array of board and kite designs can be confusing so it is worth asking your instructor for advice before investing in expensive equipment. Some retailers will allow experienced kiters to test the gear before they buy
  • Have patience – learning the sport takes time and experienced kitesurfers warn that beginners can expect a few inevitable bumps, knocks and bruises. However, they also promise that the fun and enjoyment of kiting more than makes up for any pain suffered along the way


Crest Watersports
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Kiteboarding Cyprus
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MakWind Kitesurfing School
Telephone: (+357) 2534 1933

Kitemed Kitesurfing School
Pervolia, Larnaca
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Crystal Kitesurfing
Prodromi, Polis
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