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With relatively calm, crystal clear water, warm climate and miles of coast to explore, kayaking is a fantastic way to escape from the beach crowds and experience a refreshingly different view Cyprus’ gorgeous coastal landscape.  

Many of Cyprus’ beaches have water sports outlets where kayaks can be hired for self-guided trips. There are numerous sheltered bays in which to practice and get your sea legs, however, with so much stunning coastline to discover its worth taking a kayak a little further afield. 

Highlights along the southern peninsula include the stretch of coastline from the city of Limassol, past the ancient ruins of Amathous and around Cape Dolos to the impressive ‘white rocks’ formation at Governor’s beach. 

Agia Napa has an abundance of beautiful bays to paddle, including those around Macronissos and Nissi beaches. Along the coast, four kilometres from Agia Napa town, paddlers will find the spectacular ‘palaces’ rock formation between Limnara Beach and the gorgeous Cape Greco. The perfectly calm, turquoise waters off Konnos beach are an ideal starting point to explore the attractive panorama along the island’s eastern shores towards Protaras.

Not to be outdone, the west of the island offers a wealth of awe-inspiring natural scenery to enjoy on a paddle trip from Paphos to the Akamas national park, with more water-based exploring to do along the shoreline of Chrysochou Bay.

As with any adventure sport, regardless of the distance you intend to cover, it is essential to take sensible safety precautions, particularly if embarking on a self-guided paddle. If you want to build up confidence before going it alone then a group kayaking excursion is a great way to have fun and develop a few basic skills at the same time.

One example is a guided kayak tour of Cyprus’ western coastline, including its dramatic sea caves north of Coral Bay, and Geronisos Island located 300 metres from Agios Georgios harbour. Archaeological remains reveal that Geronisos was the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of the sun.  Nowadays the ‘sacred island’ is home to many species of wildlife and paddlers can get close enough to spot its nesting birds such as the herring gull and rock dove. 

Many of the coastline’s most interesting features are only accessible by boat and a kayak provides the best access to a variety of natural archways and sea caves formed at the base of its steep limestone cliffs. A three and a half hour tour includes time spent learning basic kayak manoeuvres before heading off to explore.

Safe paddling

Most kayaks available for hire have a ‘sit-on’ design making them easy to get on, or fall off, without the need to learn the ‘Eskimo roll’ if you capsize. Kayaking is easy to master in calm sea, but you should always follow safety advice and guidelines.   
  • Check the condition of equipment before you hire it. A buoyancy aid should be provided and if you plan to explore rocky coastal areas then a helmet will protect you from potential bumps and scrapes
  • Check weather and sea conditions and ask about any hazards you should be aware of before you set off. Even if you begin your trip under favourable conditions, strong winds and sea currents can sometimes be unpredictable, particularly along the Paphos coast 
  • Protect yourself from sun exposure with high-protection waterproof sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Take enough drinking water to rehydrate during your trip and some extra for emergencies
  • Tell someone where you are headed and what time you expect to return. Outside of the bays it is advisable to paddle with another person just in case you run into problems
  • Ensure that young children wear a buoyancy aid and are accompanied by an adult even if kayaking in shallow water
  • Give priority to swimmers and stay clear of areas used by motorised water-sports
  • Respect the environment and take particular care around turtle beaches, paying attention to any exclusion zones in force during the nesting and hatching season   



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