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Challenging, physical and fun are just a few of the words used by climbers to describe the sport which, until recently, had remained one of Cyprus’ best kept secrets.

It’s not surprising that locals would be tempted to keep the island’s exciting and dramatic routes all to themselves; however, development by the country’s national federation has drawn international attention to Cyprus’ considerable climbing potential.  

With its growing number of bolted sport climbing routes Cyprus offers variety for both beginners and experienced climbers, who can also tackle its ample traditional climbing areas. What’s more, mild weather conditions mean enthusiasts can hit the crags during the winter season while their European counterparts are forced to wait for a break in the weather, or brave ice and snow to satisfy their altitude craving.    

Climbing is a highly challenging and rewarding sport, offering mental stimulation and a sense of achievement with more than a touch of adrenalin. Although indoor wall climbing is great for practice and training, nothing quite beats the great outdoors for the opportunity to score a spectacular view.      

Local clubs and groups in Cyprus are always ready to welcome new climbers to share route information, events and competitions. On-line forums are a great way to find climbing partners and details of group days are often posted on climbing school web or social networking sites. 

Whether you are looking for a pure climbing experience or just one or two days as part of your holiday, Cyprus is the perfect location to combine the sport with a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling, to kayaking and kitesurfing, or simply grounding yourself on the beach. 


The Cyprus Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (KOMOA) has taken significant steps to improve standards and facilities to develop the sport for locals and to attract more climbers from overseas.   

Cyprus currently has seven climbing clubs along with several schools which provide accredited courses, guided group excursions, equipment hire and maps. 

Schools approved by KOMOA follow a syllabus designed to meet British climbing principles but with even higher safety standards. For those who want to try the sport many organisations offer taster sessions which are suitable for the whole family, including easy routes for children aged over 6 years.

Courses for beginners include a six-day introduction to climbing which comprises theory, safety and practical instruction. For those who wish to progress, a 6 to 8 day course covers the fundamentals of traditional climbing, in addition to higher graded courses to instructor level.  
The Cyprus Federation is a member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (UIAA) with whom it is working to obtain full accreditation for local standards and rules, recognised by member countries. 

For club and climbing information visit the Cyprus Mountaineering & Climbing Federation website at (Greek).


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Telephone: (+357) 9919 1336 / 9983 3990
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Telephone: (+357) 2693 0037

Mountain Sports & Rescue

Telephone: (+357) 2231 4252 / 9942 7892 / 9948 5754
Adventure Mountain Park
Kyperounda, Limassol
Telephone: (+357) 9967 4126


The island has around 120 bolted routes and a variety of traditional climbing opportunities graded using the French system which rates each route on its overall difficulty, moves required and length of climb.  Grades are in ascending order, beginning with 1 denoting the easiest climbs. 

Ayios Iraklidon, Nicosia
A selection of bolted routes is situated on monastery property so if the gates are locked ask the nuns’ permission before climbing. Gates are open Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and weekends. Grading 4 to 7a+ 

Trooditissa, Troodos
Features bolted routes and a National Guard abseiling tower overlooking a waterfall in the beautiful Troodos forest. With camping and picnic facilities nearby the location is a perfect weekend destination. Traditional climbing is possible but hazardous due to the loose rock surface. Sport climbs are graded 4 to 7b. 

Cape Greco
The sandstone rocks offer numerous traditional climbs with spectacular views across the coast from Cape Greco national park. Sport routes 6b to 7a / traditional 1 - 8 

Kouklia, ‘Diarizos’
A popular spot located just beyond Kouklia village and suitable for all sport climbing levels. The crag is particularly good for novices due to its gently angled slab. Grade 4 to late 7’s 

Ineia, Akamas
A favourite area for climbers due to its breathtaking views over the Akamas peninsula. The climbing terrain includes overhangs, laybacks, boulders and some easy routes for beginners. Sport routes 4 to 7a / traditional 7 – 8

KOMOA plans to publish a definitive route guide in the near future. Information is also available on the independent climbing website

Note: grading information is provided as a guide only and climbers are advised to familiarise themselves with the local area before attempting any of the routes listed 

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